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NOAN is a Finnish Architecture office focusing on urban design and public buildings. Our strength is an open-minded approach to architecture and the built environment.

Our design ideology is a constant process, influenced by each specific context we take on.

We develop our skills through participating in international design competitions and by interacting with interesting people around us.

Work with us?

We are always looking for talented architects and students to join our team in Tampere or in Helsinki!
We require fluent Revit skills
Please send your portfolio/CV


Janne Ekman, Founding partner, architect SAFA
Teemu Paasiaho, Founding partner, architect SAFA
Ville Reima, Founding partner, BIM manager, architect SAFA
Lassi Viitanen, Founding partner, CEO, architect SAFA
Caspar Åkerblom, partner, architect SAFA
Jaakko Heikkilä, partner, architect SAFA
Justiina Mäenpää, architect
Jani Jukonen, architect
Laura Rahkonen, architect SAFA
Iga Mazur, architect
Sara Annala, architect

Contact information

+358 (0)10 4060 370


Tampere office
Satakunnankatu 14
33100 Tampere

Helsinki office
Helenankatu 4c
00170 Helsinki

NOAN Architects Ltd
VAT ID FI28138036

Awarded competitions

1st prize
Kirjurinluoto public sauna, design and build competition
1st prize
Hiedanranta housing block, design and build competition
shared 1st prize
Tikkurila masterplan, international invitational competition
1st prize
Koivistonkylä infill housing, design and build competition
1st prize
Lamminrahka central blocks, design and build competition
1st prize
Viinikanlahti masterplan two-staged international competition
2nd phase purchase
Sammontalo hybrid school, Lappeenranta - two-staged international competition
3rd prize
Hakaniemi, Helsinki - international competition
1st prize
The Hiedanranta district of Tampere, Masterplan - international competition
(as a member of the Buenaventura team)
Shared 2nd prize
Vartiosaari, Masterplan & Future housing - open competition
(as a member of the Buenaventura team)
2nd prize
Vantaankoski development - idea competition
(as a member of the Buenaventura team)
Purchased (4th prize)
Extension of the Alvar Aalto museum - international competition
(as a member of the Buenaventura team)
Honourable mention
The Mölymäki district of Kuopio, Masterplan - open competition
(as a member of the Buenaventura team)
1st prize
Tampere central square development - Public building competition
2nd Prize
Fresh Ideas Competition
Honourable mention
Pirkkala development - idea competition
2nd Prize
Jyväskylä housing fair - idea competition


Tikkurila masterplan2023
Vaasa kindergarten2023
Organ of Turku cathedral2023
Tammela church renovation2022
Sitratori concept plan2022
Turku cathedral, renewal concept2022
Hatanpää housing blocks2021
Tampere Koivistonkylä housing2021
Mietoinen church renovation2021
Tampere Hatanpää housing blocks2021
Vatiala chapel renovation project plan2021
Helsinki Veräjälaakso tram stop area concept2021
Tampere Viinikanlahti masterplan2021
Kangasala Lamminrahka central housing blocks2021
Hämeenkyrö church renovation2020
Tampere stadion ja Ratina area, concept2020
Tampere Niemenranta, housing block2020
Kannelmäki vision, City of Helsinki2019
Kangasala, Ilkko masterplan2019
Lieto church, renovation & extension2019
Kaukajärvi parish center2019
Student campus development, concept2018
Tampere, Aleksanteri church, renewal design2018
Härmälänranta Verstas, renewal design2018
Tampere, Kaleva, infill housing2018
Tampere, Epilä housing area plan2018
Kangasala, Pikonkangas housing area plan2018
Eco-resort Hotel, general plan2018
Wooden forest atelier, concept2018
Tampere, Tullikamari square and tower, design and build competition2018
Kangasala, Lentola housing area plan2018
Tampere tramline 2nd phase general plan2017
Hiedanranta district of Tampere, Masterplan2017
Hiedanranta factory concept, Building design2017
Tammela district of Tampere, Infill housing2017
CLT-school concept, Building design2017
Rauma, public outdoor swimming pool, Building design
(in collaboration with Henri Käpynen)
Sitko bar&pizza extension, Interior design2017
Lempäälä center development, Masterplan study2016
Chapel of Tervajärvi, Lempäälä, Building design2016


Tikkurila masterplan, international invitational competition2022
Building historical surveys, Mietoinen parish center, Kuopio, Savonia Kiekkotie 2 ja 4, Vatiala chapel2021
Hakametsän Sport Campus, design and build competition2020
Building historical surveys, Aleksanteri church, Lieto church2020
Architects' Guild of Tampere 50th anniversary pavilion competition, member of the jury (Janne Ekman)2019
Kämmenniemi, Parish center, invited competition2018
Guest lecture, Tampere University of Technology2017
Polar partners, school concept, NOAN as a partner for built environment2017
Tiileri Oy, product development2017
TUT, Department of Architecture, part-time teacher (Lassi Viitanen)2016
Koskisen Oy, product development2016
Tampere Parish, invited competition for development of Tampere churches2017
Art exhibition in collaboration with Helsingin kivipaino & Galleria Linnankatu 132016
TUT, Department of Architecture, Special project for SLUSH Tampere booth2016
City of Tampere, Tarmo+ infill project
member as a spesialist of infill architecture

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