Hiedanranta masterplan

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Tampere, Finland
City of Tampere
Urban planning
Competition 1st prize, in progress

NOAN to masterplan a new Urban District in Finland!

The Hiedanranta district of Tampere - international ideas competition aimed to shape the area into a future city district with an urban dense structure and an adaptable, green, and low-carbon character. The result was to combine the winning proposals of two design teams. The ongoing design process is an international collaboration between five talented offices: NOAN, Tupa architecture, Jolma Architects, Schauman & Nordgren Architects (DK) and Mandaworks (SWE).

“The proposed plan takes over the area by combining its qualities carefully and lightly… The factory area as a whole is well controlled, and at the same time interesting and vivid.”

The objective for the development of the area is to support the commercial and industrial progress, as well as, the competitive strength of the region as a whole, with emphasis on implementing a smart, adaptable, and resource-effective city, based on a circular economy. The entire Hiedanranta development is estimated to be completed by the year 2045.