Hiedanranta factory

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Tampere, Finland
City of Tampere
Building design
25 000m²
In progress

The factory of Lielahti is located at the heart of future city center of Hiedanranta and has been opened to the public after over a hundred years of industrial use. The planning area is situated in Western Tampere, next to the regional shopping area of Lielahti at the shore of the lake Näsijärvi. The project studies the possibility of locating the second phase of the new tram line – to be built between 2021-2024 – through the deprecated factory of Lielahti in accordance to the winning competition proposal. The new tram line alignment follows the original industrial railway line and goes through the factory. Having a new tram stop inside, factory complex will be the heart of the future city centre and within it will emerge new forms of business, research, art, and social culture. In addition to the tram alignment, the work studies the functionality and potentials of the existing factory spaces and points out the possibilities of reuse for the future. The design proposes also infill housing/buildings to the factory area.