NOAN history

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Architecturestudio NOAN
Tampere Office:
Näsilinnankatu 25 b 505
Helsinki Office:
Helenankatu 4b

Architecturestudio Buenaventura was founded early 2015. Our goal was clear: to have fun and succeed in architectural competitions. We were all young architecture students working for different companies during daytime. We would spent all the evenings and weekends at the workroom. Among us there was bunch of other people too, at the peak there were 17 of us!

Through hard work and some success in competitions we grew from student workroom into three independent architecture offices! The old building is nowadays demolished but the work continues in Tampere and in Helsinki. Thank you all!

Buenaventura competition team 2015-2017
Janne Ekman, Janni Heikkilä, Aapo Huotarinen, Juuso Iivonen, Kasmir Jolma, Teemu Paasiaho, Ville Reima, Tytti Turpeinen, Lassi Viitanen.