Bjärred masterplan

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Bjärred, Sweden
International design competition, urban planning
48 000sqm²
Traffic consultant:
Ramboll Finland Oy
Competition concluded
Landscape architect:
NOMAJI landscape architects

Bjärred is a coastal locality situated in Lomma Municipality in an economically important area next to Lund, Malmö and Copenhagen. As one of the safest and fastest growing municipalities in Sweden, Lomma’s attraction is found in the geographical situation. Bjärred's new district takes the role of the pioneer in the development of the built environment towards a greener future. The proposal supports the diversity of precious nature and brings it into a part of the everyday lives of the residents. The competition proposal connects Bjärred and Borgeby's urban structures into a whole. The proposal is a combination of two different networks: green spaces and nature networks combined together with the urban structure and housing network.The design creates a tissue that offers a rich and balanced environment for both humans and nature diversity. The proposal's central park, Ängsplatsen, offers for the residents an open green public area in the middle of the urban structure.